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FT Investing for Good Europe 2018

Whether it is closing the digital divide, increasing access to education and healthcare, or reducing income disparities, increasing equity and inclusion will help millions of people lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Meanwhile, opportunities are emerging for investors to use their funds to support some of these developments.

From enterprises providing education to poor communities in developing countries to affordable housing companies in mature markets, FT Investing for Good Europe 2018 will explore the ways in which investors can contribute to promoting global equality and inclusion while also generating a financial return.

Panel Discussion: Gender Lens Investing

For gender lens investors, the prism through which they assess potential investments is how those businesses advance or support women and girls. And it is a type of investing that has been growing rapidly in recent years. From companies promoting women as senior executives to those providing services to women girls in developing countries, what are the opportunities for investors to promote gender equality?

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