UK at ‘tipping point’ for gender lens investing

November 2018

At the start of the month, 300 people from 43 countries attended the world’s first annual gender-smart investing summit in London.

Asset managers, institutional investors, venture capitalists, non-governmental organisations and entrepreneurs came together for two days. They discussed ways in which more capital can be channelled into improving gender equality across the world.

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Support Strengthens For Female-Founded Companies And Venture Funds

November 2018

The connection between women, entrepreneurship and investing is finally getting the attention it deserves. Women buy stuff, they invest and they launch innovative companies that provide much-needed goods and services. What’s behind this growing realization?

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Investments products that benefit women are proliferating across asset classes

October 2018

Gender-lens investors that seek to invest in women-led companies or improve the lives of women and girls have a growing choice of fixed-income and equity strategies in private and public markets.

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Gender-lens across asset classes, breakthrough energy investments, Urban-X’s city startups, Reinvestment Fund’s $75-million impact bond

October 2018

Investments products that benefit women are proliferating across asset classes. Gender-lens investors that seek to improve the lives of women and girls have a growing choice of fixed-income and equity strategies in private and public markets. 

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How To Overcome The Gender Pioneer Gap

September 2018

We live in an age of astonishing global wealth, yet 767 million people survive on less than $1.90 a day. The social pendulum is off balance and we need to alter the paradigms that govern investment behavior, channeling wealth to sustainable social impact. But where? And how?

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The ImpactAlpha: After #MeToo and #TimesUp, #GenderLens investing has its moment

July 2018

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Finding Impact: Gender Smart Investing Podcast

July 2018

On this episode we continue our podcast takeover series with Tamsin Jones of The Boardroom Africa. Her guest today is Suzanne Biegel of Catalyst at Large. Suzanne has more than 25 years’ of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, board member, and hands-on operational manager. Her consulting, speaking, facilitation, writing and field scanning is in gender lens investing, globally and spans work with a variety of institutional actors.

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Goldman Sachs commits $500 million to women-led businesses

June 2018

The big Wall Street bank said “Launch with GS” will invest its own money along with clients’ capital in private, late-stage business that are founded, owned or led by women.

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Deeply Talks: Gender Lens Investing

May 2018

In our May episode of Deeply Talks, experts join us to discuss why 2018 is such a big year for investing in women. AS MORE INVESTORS decide to put their money behind women entrepreneurs worldwide, the emerging field of gender lens investing is taking hold. In 2017 alone, investment focused on women and girls eclipsed $2.2 billion, an all-time record. In this episode of Deeply Talks, we explored the history of this field and why 2018 is such a big year for investing in women.

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Investment by women, and in them, is growing

March 2018

MARCH 8th, International Women’s Day, always brings a flood of reports about gender inequalities in everything from health outcomes to pay and promotion. But one gap is gradually narrowing: that in wealth. As money managers seek to attract and serve rich women, and as those women express their values through their portfolios, the impact will be felt within the investment industry and beyond.

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Why 2018 Is the Year of Gender Lens Investing

February 2018

Suzanne Biegel, a pioneer of gender lens investing, is on a mission to show that focusing on women makes for good financial and social returns. She speaks with News Deeply about the language challenge, the trouble with data, and the importance of connecting people.

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How to use your investments to support women in the workplace

January 2018

The Women's March this weekend may have inspired you to see women get ahead, particularly in the workplace. But does your investment portfolio match that goal?

A growing number of investments are aimed at companies that include and promote women.

As of November, so-called "gender lens investing" included 22 investment strategies, 18 of which focused on U.S. investors, according to research from wealth management firm Veris Wealth Partners and consulting company Catalyst At Large. Since then, 12 new gender lens investing strategies have emerged, said Patricia Farrar-Rivas, CEO and founding partner at Veris.

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How to put your money where your feminism is

December 2017

While others may run from a problem, innovators approach it like what it is: an opportunity. Some problems may be so big and systemic that one innovator can’t fix them alone. These problems need an entire ecosystem built to address them.

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betting on Women - Wharton's Project Sage

November 2017

A considerably diverse number of venture funds are increasingly and deliberately incorporating women, or gender lens, into investment analyses and decisions, a report called “Project Sage,” by the Wharton Social Impact Initiative concludes.

The Wharton team has found that the funds have raised a sizeable $1.3 billion and is now backing more than 650 companies.

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Global Banking Alliance for Women Summit

November 2017

The first of three parallel sessions featured a panel facilitated by Suzanne Biegel of Catalyst at Large, where Anne Tolmunen of AXA Investment Managers, Olga Miler of UBS Unique and Gema Sacristan of IDB Invest discussed their organizations’ various strategies around gender lens investing. Across the hall, Michael J. McCord of MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman facilitated a discussion on the Women’s Market for insurance. Sara Fert from AXA, Maria Belen Sanchez Valdivieso of Banco Pichincha and Pura Mendez of Banco BHD Leon showcased their journeys in developing insurance products for women. Hilary Nichols of the GBA shared key insights from the GBA’s Working Group on insurance, including the fact that several GBA banks have found women who have insurance through the bank are more profitable customers than those who do not.

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Nearly two-dozen public gender-lens investment vehicles hold $910 million

November 2017

Nearly two-dozen public gender-lens investment vehicles hold more than $910 million. That’s up 41% from $645 million in 19 vehicles last year, according to a new analysis from Veris Wealth Partners and gender-lens investing expert, Suzanne Biegel.

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Starbucks, Google Assailed by Investors Over Gender Policies

October 2017

Investors focused on social issues are finding that trickle-down diversity doesn’t work. For years, they surmised that having enough women on boards and in senior management would produce fairer policies. Now investors are changing tactics, saying it’s not enough and that employers also need to implement gender-pay equity and paid-leave policies that attract and retain women.

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Meet 58 venture capital funds that are betting on women around the world

October 2017

Suzanne Biegel, a longtime gender lens investor and advisor, and the team over at the Wharton Social Impact Initiative have pulled together one of the most comprehensive lists of private equity, venture capital and debt funds explicitly investing with a gender lens. Download their new report to view all 58 funds.

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Smart investors pay attention to women - Social Stock Exchange

July 2017

Investing with a gender lens increases business opportunities, helps to diversify risks in a portfolio and provides a social return to society.

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5 Ways to Advance Gender lens Investing in Africa

May 2017

Gender lens investing is gaining traction with investors around the globe and Africa is no exception. WSII’s Senior Gender Lens Investing Advisor Suzanne Biegel reflects on discussions and lessons learned at Sankalp Africa Summit, a 2017 gathering of more than 1,000 investors, fund managers, entrepreneurs, and intermediaries focused on building inclusive economies. Along with co-author Isis Nyong’o Madison, she shares key takeaways for reducing barriers and improving the investment ecosystem. 

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Dollars and Change - Sirius XM 111 - The Wharton School

March 2017

Suzanne Biegel, Founder of Catalyst at Large, joins hosts Sandi Hunt and Nick Ashburn to discuss gender-lens investing, or investing is the practice of investing for financial return while also considering the benefits to women, on Dollars and Change. Listen to Suzanne's segment here, originally aired on Sirius XM Channel 111, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton SchoolFree SiriusXM Trial.  

The Business of Women - Financial Times

December 2 2016

From HeForShe, the UN’s gender equity campaign, to Girl Effect, started by the Nike Foundation to invest in girls as a way of advancing global development, the forces pushing for equality between women and men are gaining momentum. And with recognition that equality is also good business, another constituent is joining the movement: investors.

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Money is Still controlled by Men. Is it At the detriment of women? JumpBlog

May 2016

Money is still controlled by men. Is it to the detriment of women? Although women do produce almost as much in terms of financial wealth as men, the way the money is allocated remains the decision of men only and too few women gain from venture capital investment or corporate philanthropy.

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5 Inspiring Women You Need to Know About -

June 2016

As Margaret Mead said: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." And there's no shortage of inspiring women doing precisely that, one step at a time.

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Capital Women: 9 Gender Lens Investors to Know About - Inside Philanthropy

June 2016

The field of gender lens investing has been on the runway and waiting for take-off for a while now, yet barriers, like the lack of corporations carrying out women-friendly policies and practices, continue to be a problem. Meanwhile, some funders are right on top of the issue, pushing hard to understand and grow the field of investing with a gender lens.

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Der Frauen-Effekt - The Women Effect -  Lëtzebuerger Journal

May 2016 

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Gender lens investing – 4 Questions to Suzanne Biegel - LMDF 

March 2016

Suzanne Biegel, Founder of Catalyst at Large, gave the keynote address at the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund’s first Invest Differently event, The Women Effect. After the event, we took the time to catch up with her, to gain some practical insights into what taking a gender lens means for fund managers and in particular for the LMDF.

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Impact investing - an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy with Suzanne Biegel - City Philanthropy

March 2016

Philanthropists are “essential” in the social impact investing marketplace, says award-winning social impact and angel investor, Suzanne Biegel. From chocolate to disruptive to adaptive innovative social impact investing solutions to human-centred designed innovation there is a plethora of innovative opportunities for philanthropists to invest in direct positive impact.

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Bridging the Gap between Development and Private Sector Efforts - A New Model for Gender Lens Partnerships - Business Fights Poverty

March 2016

On this 2016 International Women's Day, it pays to reflect on the global partnership efforts achieved since 1975 – the International Women's Year, when the United Nations (UN) officially started to commemorate the accomplishments towards women's empowerment and gender equality. The theme set by the UN this year, “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality,” is yet another strong reminder that women and girls are not a segment or a niche group of our society, but equate to half of the world's population, and play a critical role in the world economy. Many would be familiar with diverse studies conducted by development institutions, governments and foundations which demonstrate that investing in women and girls has the highest untapped return.

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Welcome to Women Effect: My investor journey so far - Global Invest Her

February 2016

“Over the years I have learned more and more about the opportunities associated with looking at women and girls in the picture, about the vast problems and inequities that needed to be right-sized, and about the consequences for society and the planet of not paying attention.”

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Trailblazing Women: Suzanne Biegel, Founder of Women Effect, Catalyst at Large Ltd - huffington Post

February 2016

Suzanne Biegel is the Founder of Catalyst at Large Ltd and now Women Effect, with more than 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, social impact angel, venture investor, philanthropist, board member and hands on operational manager. She has been deploying her own portfolio with a gender lens for more than 15 years and has been an active field builder of gender lens investing for the last 8. She’s a senior advisor at the Criterion Institute, an alumna of Penn and Wharton and serves in a number of advisory and board roles.

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How Investing with a Gender Lens Can Create a Powerful Women Effect - Impact Alpha

20 January 2016

There’s a growing body of evidence that gender equality and women’s leadership and participation boosts the performance of companies and countries. So what do we do about it?

Suzanne Biegel, who calls herself a “catalyst-at-large,” has launched Women Effect, to help entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and others figure that out together. Suzanne, a longtime angel investor, wrote recently about training herself to look at her own portfolio through a gender lens. Women Effect will help others do the same.

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Celebrating City Giving : Financial News Extra Mile post top 40 London philanthropists from the world of finance

November 2015 

How easy is it to balance a high-flying finance career and fast-paced London life and still have the time to give money to charity and volunteer for good causes? It sounds challenging, but the donating, fundraising and volunteering efforts of City professionals have helped make London the centre of giving in the UK.

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15 Heroines of the UK angel market - Angel News

November 2015

"It's a while since we have listed top people in our world, but recently a number of women have shown themselves as true champions of all private (and some institutional) investors.

Here they are..."

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Beacon Awards 2015, Impact investment award

August 2015

"This is not just about women and girls. It’s about diversity, and the evidence that diversity, whether it be on teams or inside portfolios, drives outperformance in portfolios,” says Biegel. Whether you are using investment as a tool for social change, or just want to align your investments with your values, there are a lot of ways to engage."

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Profile: Suzanne Biegel – City Philanthropy

August 2015

By questioning the purpose of wealth, and the link between philanthropy and investing, Suzanne Biegel has become a passionate social investor, and a collaborative-woman- whirlwind catalysing social investment across the globe. “Beyond funding your lifestyle and deciding what is enough for you, I think you can say ‘what is it I am going to do through my work, philanthropy, investments,- everything I am a part of – that can fund the world in which I want to live,” says Biegel.

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Radio: Angel Investors – BBC The Bottom Line

June 2015

How to spot the next Google, Paypal or LinkedIn? Three successful entrepreneurs tell Evan Davis how they use their own money to back promising start-ups.

Sherry Coutu, founder, Cambridge Business Angels
Fiona Cruickshank, founder, Gabriel Investors
Suzanne Biegel, founder, Clearly Social Angels

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Looking through the gender lens – impact investing for women and girls

November 2014

Last week a few of the female members of the Cause4 team headed to ‘Giving Voice to Wise Women’, an event hosted by Maurice Turnor Gardner law firm. Two wise women with differing approaches stood before us and convinced the (overwhelmingly female) audience of the importance of investing in, by and for women and girls to drive social change, and talked us through the ways in which they personally invest.

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Do women give to charity differently from men? – Spear’s

November 2014

Women may do some things differently when it comes to philanthropy, says Emma-Jane Weider and Sue Daniels, but there are some lessons which apply to both sexes

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Video: Markets for good: removing the barriers – Alliance Breakfast Club

June 2014

Why are so few market-based solutions to poverty getting to scale? What can be done so that they can deliver meaningful benefits to the poor?

Hosted by the Shell Foundation, the June 2014 Alliance Breakfast Club discussed these and other issues arising from the June 2014 special feature of Alliance magazine.


  • Richard Gomes, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Shell Foundation

  • Audrey Selian, founder & director of Artha Platform

  • Suzanne Biegel, Catalyst at Large, and senior adviser, ClearlySo

  • Caroline Mason, Chief Executive, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

Watch discussion Markets for good: removing the barriers

ClearlySo different - Tech City Insider

January 2014

TECHCITYINSIDER100: ClearlySo’s Suzanne Biegel isn’t your typical investment intermediary – and neither are her socially and environmentally minded investors. Richard Middleton finds out how tech firms could benefit from their approach.

Social and environmental concerns aren’t normally amongst the first considerations for financial intermediaries looking to help venture capitalists turn a profit. But that’s what Suzanne Biegel and ClearlySo are all about.

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Making Good and Doing Good – Financial Times

September 2013

Investors in action ‘Angels’ with cash to spend. Suzanne Biegel’s story is probably typical of that of most active social investors.

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Video: Investing with a gender lens – Pioneer Post

August 2013

Amongst the hustle and bustle of Oxford’s Jam Factory Cafe and amongst the inspiring talks at Skoll World Forum, Catherine and Suzanne take time out to talk about how debt can be part of the solution.

Dell Entrepreneur Spotlight Series: Suzanne Biegel, ClearlySo - Tech Page One

June 2013

"...angels investing in this community are even harder to come by, something of which Clearly Social Angels leader Suzanne Biegel is keenly aware. I caught up with Suzanne to understand what can be done to accelerate female investment and investment in social enterprises."

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Change the Picture, Change the World – TEDx Talks

December 2012

Investment: Angel of the month - Disrupts

Each month an Angel from the UK Business Angels Association shares their views, insights and tips with Disrupts. The UK Business Angels Association represents and connects the Angel and early stage investment community.

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Angel Investing and the Holy Alliance of Business and Philanthropy - Spear's

March 2012

"Private investing has been very much on Spear’s radar this week. The morning after the launch of the Clearly Social Angels network at the House of Commons, Beer and Partners' first investment fair of 2012 took place on St James’s Street."

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Mention: Empowering Women, One Entrepreneur at a Time – Fast Company

November 2010

When Suzanne Biegel was 10 years old, her activist mother took her to work with her at the League of Women Voters. She remembers marching for the Equal Rights Amendment. Her first T-shirt was “A woman’s place is in the house … and in the Senate.”

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