6:45 pm18:45

Resnick Aspen Action Forum | “Gender Re-Set”

  • Doerr-Hosier Center’s McNulty Room

Suzanne will be a panelist at the Gender Re-Set, taking place at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum, 

How can we use the ripples of “The Great Re-Set” as opportunities for gender equality at the conference table, the board table, and the dinner table?  How can leaders take advantage of shifts in work, advances in technology and health, and changes in marriage and parenting roles to create a more just and equal society -- for women and men alike -- now and for future generations?

Nov 29

From Ideas to Action - Accelerating Gender Lens Investments

  • Inn at Penn

Suzanne will be speaking at an invitation-only convening for investors and advisors who are moving capital with a gender lens.


  • STORIES: What leading investors are learning and doing
  • RESEARCH: What's new, and what's next
  • STRATEGIES: Breakout sessions and facilitated discussion


4:00 pm16:00

Innovation in Inclusive Finance (FIF and EY)

  • EY offices

Power of digital in reaching the unbanked

The flagship Financial Inclusion Forum and EY event will delve into the recent trends and developments in inclusive finance through the lens of impact investors, local practitioners and FinTechs. Two interactive panels featuring industry leaders and movers and shakers will facilitate the discussion.

Suzanne will be part of the Investor Perspective panel.

Jun 9

AVPN (Asia Venture Philanthropy Network)

  • InterContinental Bangkok

Suzanne will be speaking on the topic of Growing Women Entrepreneurship to fuel Social Change and Economic Growth on 9th June at 11.30am - 1pm.

The session will highlight not just the key building blocks for fostering women entrepreneurship but also the barriers that constrain the ability of women to maximize their economic potential. Through the discussion, the panel will look at the role of women entrepreneurs in economic development and how the various stakeholders support their efforts.

11:00 am11:00

AVPN Fringe Session: Gender Lens Investing Gathering

  • Intercontinental Bangkok

The AVPN Conference will see expert practitioners, funders and investors coming together with a common interest around gender in investment and venture philanthropy.

Through this short gathering, attendees will be able to get a broader context and will be able to meet each other and connect, uncover intersections in their work, and stimulate further conversations throughout the rest of the Conference.

The session with cover highlights from a Global as well as an Asian context. It will also pull together the threads across AVPN and help people see who else is around with this lens. This will enable attendees at the AVPN Conference to use their time to more effectively connect, collaborate, and learn together.

Register here

8:00 am08:00

Philanthropy Impact's Financial inclusion for women – opportunities to maximise social impact.

  • Maurice Turnor Gardner

Culture, tradition, laws and lack of education are just a few of the factors that contribute to the financial exclusion of women. 145 million women are unbanked in sub-Saharan Africa and women entrepreneurs face barriers accessing financial support. This has negative implications for women’s businesses, families and communities.

“Women reinvest 90% of every dollar earned into their families’ education, health and nutrition.” Harvard Business Review, 2013

This event will explore the barriers and solutions to financial inclusion for women with a focus on low income countries. The panel will discuss the role that financial institutions, SMEs, private investors, philanthropists, microfinance institutions and charities can play in addressing the gender imbalance and bringing about social change.

Suzanne Biegel will be chairing this event. 

8:00 am08:00

MIINT Competition (MBA Impact Investing Network and Training)

  • The Wharton School

The MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) is an experiential lab designed to give students at business and graduate schools a hands-on education in impact investing. 

The MIINT aims to:

- Train the next generation of impact investors to “think like an impact investor” providing them with the opportunity to source, diligence, and present early stage impact investment ideas to an expert judging committee.

- Build meaningful links between innovative mission-driven companies and leading business and graduate schools. 

- Create a vibrant network of students and practitioners active in the impact investing field.

The MIINT Competition takes place on 8th April 2017. Suzanne will be serving as a judge for the MIINT Final Investment Committee, representing Wharton Social Impact Initiative as the Senior Gender Lens Investing Advisor. 

10:30 am10:30

Confluence Philanthropy

  • The Hotel Monteleone

Investing in a Women’s Right to Choose

Resilience is defined by a diversity of choices, and a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive path is crucial to her resilience. Through its grantmaking, The Educational Foundation of America has long supported a woman’s ability to control her own reproductive health by ensuring access to safe, legal abortion and contraception. Investors and foundations are exploring using a suite of financial tools to support this access, including: impact investing through a pooled fund that provides low interest loans to abortion clinics; shareholder activism to ensure that companies cover reproductive health services for their employees; and refinancing debt and extending lines of credit. During this panel, hear from experts in investing through a gender lens; they invite you to think more broadly about the impact that your investments can have in the world.

9:00 am09:00

17th Annual LBS Women in Business Conference

  • 8 Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5B London

The Women in Business Conference is an annual flagship event at London Business School. The conference showcases inspiring leaders and their diverse success stories, and is a unique opportunity to learn from, connect with and inspire one another. This year it will be held on March 10 2017 at 8 Northumberland Avenue WC2N 5BY.

Suzanne will join the Women in Finance (Investments) Panel at 15.30pm alongside Hela Dammak, Senior Advisor, Single Family OfficeKaren Winton, Managing Partner, UK Nest; and moderated by Linda Yueh, Adjunct Professor of Economics, London Business School

9:00 am09:00

UKSIF: Women Work: How adding women equals advantage.

  • Barclays

This event will look to MSCI's 2016 Women on Boards report, launched next month, for progress over the last year in increasing gender diversity on corporate boards globally. We'll then explore gender lens investing and the initiatives supporting companies to increase gender diversity and equality. We'll also look atprogress in UK financial services, childcare and parental leave policy and key considerations for investors and individuals - both men and women - wishing to advance gender equality.


4:15 pm16:15

EVPA 2016 Annual Conference

  • EVPA

"Walking the talk : Embracing diversity for social change”

The session aims to highlight a few organizations using VP tools to work with specific beneficiary groups with the aim of achieving greater impact. With the caveat that the theme of Diversity is all encompassing, the session will centre around two sub-themes; gender and diversity in work force, highlighting some of the main challenges, such as access to capital, access to appropriate role models, confidence gap, strengths and weaknesses.

Oct 14

Opportunity Collaboration

  • Club Med Mexico Mexico

Suzanne will be hosting the Gender Lens Investing Affinity Group at Opportunity Collaboration 2016, as well as leading the session on Monday 10 October as the  Conversation Catalyst.

8:00 am08:00

Toniic / Women Effect / Beyond Mini Retreat

  • Down Hall Country House

On the morning of October 5th, before the official opening of the Toniic 2016 Annual Global Gathering, Toniic, BEYOND Family Office and Women Effect are hosting a mini-retreat for Toniic members which will focus on women and impact investing, women and finance and the empowerment of women as investors.

This is a private event for Toniic members only. 

9:30 am09:30

Investing in Women: Why It Matters and How To Do It Well

  • Fort Mason Center 2 Marina Boulevard

The case for investing in women has never been stronger, and the need has never been greater. Learn why gender lens investing is growing, who it will affect, and ways to get involved -- through the Women's Capital Collaborative, Women Effect, and the Women's Inclusion Portfolio.


Deb Nelson, RSF Social Finance

Suzanne Biegel, Women Effect

Patricia Farrar Rivas, Veris Wealth Partners

Toni Johnson, Heron Foundation

11:00 am11:00

Investing in Women and Girls Empowerment

  • San Francisco, CA 94123

Panel Session at SoCap 2016 with Suzanne Biegel (Women Effect) & Julia Sze (Arabella Advisors)

This session will focus on opportunities to deploy capital beyond gender lens investing in support of women and girls both domestically and internationally. Our panelists have been pioneers in the field with experience in supporting women entrepreneurs, women led businesses, and industries that provide products and services that benefit women and girls. They will share their experiences in a frank and action oriented discussion with plenty of time for Q & A.

8:30 am08:30

CAF Women's Breakfast Roundtable

  • Charities Aid Foundation

Twenty women from the Female Focus Network gather together to discuss philanthropy vs social investment/impact investing with a female lens. Led by Vaishali Shah, and moderated by CAF key members, Suzanne will be a contributor, avidly representing the Impact Investing Argument.  



12:00 pm12:00

Invest Differently - The Women Effect

  • EIB

Suzanne Biegel will introduce the Women Effect and the importance of Gender Lens Investing at 12:30-12:50. 

Achieving gender parity is a key part of the Sustainable Development Goals which were launched in 2015. Yet a lot of steps need to be taken to ensure that women across the globe can fulfill their potential. Investing in the future of women will be key to ensuring that they can realise their ambitions. The speakers we have engaged will give further information on the importance of investing in women and their thoughts on how best to narrow the gender gap going forward.

Apr 20

Pymwymic Impact Days 2016

  • Sofitel Legend the Grand

Suzanne will be speaking at the Pymwymic Impact Days 2016. Time and Date of session TBD.

Our theme for 2016 is ‘The Next Step.’ The impact investment movement is maturing. What is the next step for your investments, for your understanding, or in the global context, for the financial institutions supporting impact investing? After 20 years, what is the next step for the pioneering organizations who have helped to build the space?

There’s a lot of people talking about Impact right now – we like to showcase practical opportunities for action.


Apr 5

JFN 2016 3rd - 5th April 2016

  • Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

Women and Impact: Giving and Investing through a Gender Lens

 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM, April 4 2016

It’s estimated that women control 27% of the world’s wealth. An enormous expected transfer of wealth over the next 15 years will have significant ramifications on philanthropy; conservative estimates run that women’s charitable giving could reach $1 trillion per year by 2026. Along a spectrum of tools and vehicles, this session presents three theories of change being deployed by women in Jewish philanthropy to support equality. Participants will hear about movement building to direct more money into return-bearing investments that have a positive effect on women and girls; promoting LGBTQ equality through philanthropy, within the broader context of anti-bias efforts; and the power of Jewish women’s philanthropy, including a women’s-only giving circle that has provided millions of dollars and funded hundreds of programs benefiting women and girls to ensure equal access for economic, social, political and religious achievement.

Mar 11

Confluence 2016 Annual Practitioner's Gathering: Democracy & Finance

  • Boston

Suzanne will be speaking on March 11.

Investing in women and girls

Reap positive returns for their health and well-being and that of society. It is both an economic and moral imperative – economic because social and financial outlays that raise the status and living conditions of women and girls have tremendous multiplier effects for the economy and a moral imperative because despite progress on some fronts, the fact remains that women endure various forms of discrimination, harassment, violence, marginalization and exclusion across the globe. Gender inequality is the great human rights issue of our time.  What can investors and funders do to address barriers and expand opportunities for women?  This panel will provide examples from the US and abroad of investment opportunities and grant-supported initiatives to support women's empowerment.


  • Suzanne Biegel, Catalyst at Large, and Chief Catalyst, Women Effect

  • Mara Bolis, Deputy Director, Private Sector Development, Oxfam International

  • Lisa Hayles, Institutional Investment Services, Boston Common Asset Management (Moderator)
Mar 11

Innovating Philanthropy through Impact Investing

  • CCLA

A conversation about impact investing - an entrepreneurial approach to philanthropy led by world-leading impact investor and Beacon Award winner, Suzanne Biegel. Learn about Suzanne’s experiences and find out how investing with values can leverage your giving and personal impact. 

2:30 pm14:30

Impact Beyond the Entrepreneur: SPRING’s Acceleration of the Girl Effect

  • Habel Nyamu Center: Lecture Hall 009

Session time TBC - please check with organiser. 

Join the SPRING Accelerator team and seven of their ventures from across East Africa for an interactive session on investing in companies whose products or services have the ability to transform the lives of adolescent girls living in poverty. This session will introduce the accelerator’s human centered design model - created by award-winning San Francisco based agency fuseproject - and approach to early-stage investment in companies across Africa and South Asia to enable adolescent girls to learn, earn and save without harm. 

Reporting back from the accelerator partners and the entrepreneurs themselves, this highly interactive session is a must-attend for any investors, foundations, corporate actors, and accelerator programmers who want to hear the opportunities and challenges girl-focused businesses are experiencing on the ground.

The outcome of the session will include greater insight into why investing in girls matters for investors and businesses seeking innovation, and what new strategies these enterprises are undertaking to get the job done. 

Partner: Spring Accelerator

9:00 am09:00

SEIF Congress : Impact Investment – The Key Driver for Social Innovation?

  • Kirchgasse 13 8001 Zurich

The seif Congress 2016 for Impact Investing and Social Innovation seeks to provide attendees with inspiring insights and models from the impact investing sector and gives the opportunity to learn from each other through exchanging ideas and experience. It will give participants an overview of the current state of impact investing in Europe. The aim is to understand the new types of investments, and provide information about current and future market trends. Experts from different European countries will also look at new forms of cooperation between entrepreneurs, corporations and the public sector. All these key players from different sectors are part in the creation of a viable impact investing ecosystem by investing knowledge and financial capital to generate a combination of financial and social return.

Suzanne will be leading a workshop on the different motivations of impact investors.

9:15 am09:15

Bridge the Gap II: Women, Money and Markets

  • EY Office

For the second edition of Bridge the Gap we will combine the power of money and markets, by increasing women’s access to global supply chains and finance. Suzanne will be speaking at the afternoon panel Investing in impact on Women:

How can we turn investment into a tool for Women’s empowerment? How can we bridge the gap between stakeholders that know investment and those that know empowerment? Presented are bold solutions from gender-lens investing to leveraging climate change.

Facilitator: Wendy Mackey-Jones
Introductions: Suzanne Biegel (Women effect) , Jeroen Blum (Bix Fund), Jude Musoke (NVNF) , Monique van ‘t Hek (Plan Nederland)

Tickets available here

Dec 2

European Venture Philanthropy Association

  • Madrid

EVPA is a membership association made up of organisations interested in or practising venture philanthropy and social investment across Europe.

 Moderating Session: 01 Dec, 16:15-18:00: Gender Futures – the OmniRelevant issue you’ve probably never considered

Moderated discussion on gender equality investing  – what it is, why do it, how it interplays with other social outcomes and how venture philanthropists can lead the way.

Ceri Goddard, Director of Gender, The Young Foundation
Debbie Pippard, Head of Programmes, Barrow Cadbury Trust
Boris Alberda, Business Development Manager, Cordaid

Co-hosting EVPA Forum: Room: Gabriela Mistral, 02 Dec, 09:30-10:30:  The Women Effect, Gender Futures & Investing with a Gender Lens

Are you interested in sharing what you’re doing, what you would like to be doing more of, and what questions you have about investing with a gender lens?

Join Suzanne Biegel, Chief Catalyst, Women Effect and Ceri Goddard, Director of Gender, The Young Foundation.

Oct 30

European Venture Philanthropy Association

  • Berlin

EVPA, October 29-30, Berlin

EVPA is a membership association made up of organisations interested in or practising venture philanthropy and social investment across Europe.

Session: Upgrading Your Due Diligence with a Gender Lens

This collaborative workshop offers practical guidance and tools for social investors, either already using a gender lens to improve their practice, or for those interested in exploring how this approach could be implemented within their organisations or their personal investment strategies.


Oct 27

African Philanthropy Forum

  • Rwanda

African Philanthropy Forum, October 26-27, Rwanda

The 2015 APF Conference will look at some of the key levers that can protect and build the capacity of Africa’s human capital and talent — investments in better health systems to improve health indicators and ward off the threat of epidemics; investments in STEM and centers of excellence to nurture the innovators of tomorrow; investments in a skilled workforce that can address Africa’s infrastructure needs; informative approaches that increase the inclusion of women leaders across sectors; and investments in entrepreneurship to unleash the creativity of those who will be providing the jobs of tomorrow

Oct 20

Critical Mass – Social Enterprise Pioneers From Around The World

  • London

Critical Mass is the conference for anyone interested in social value, investment and innovation, whether you’re a corporate, social enterprise, charity or public sector organisation. This year’s event is brought to you by Good Deals 2015 + Social Value International (formerly The SROI Network and SIAA) and taking place at the iconic Royal Institution in central London.

Session: Social Enterprise Pioneers From Around The World, 20th October, 11:15am

Suzanne will join Mohamed Ali, Director, Iftiin Foundation and Paul Basil, Villgro. Paula Woodman from the British Council will be chairing the session.

Oct 9

SOCAP 15: Gender lens investing programme

  • San Francisco

The SOCAP conference is the top conference series worldwide on social enterprise and impact investing. SOCAP convenes a global community of investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, philanthropists, government agencies, and thought leaders; providing context, curation, and acceleration for the rapidly-growing sector.

Session: Upgrading due diligence with a gender lens Wednesday (7th)

Suzanne and Joy Anderson, President & Founder, Criterion Institute are co-hosting a workshop

“Gender Lens Champions” Breakfast: 7:30am – 9:00am Wednesday (7th), Thursday (8th), and Friday (9th)

Join ‘Women Effect’ at SOCAP 15 and take part in the Gender lens investing programme.