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Investing in Women, for Women at Sankalp Forum

Teresa Njoroge, Founder, Smims Africa and Clean Start

Patty Alleman, Senior Regional Gender Advisor, USAID – Regional Development Mission Asia

Suzanne Biegel (moderator) Founder, Catalyst at Large, and Investment Director, SPRING

Dr. Reena Mithal, Founder and Partner, Sankhya Partners

In partnership with USAID and DFID, this panel will focus on what methodologies, frameworks and attitudes are essential to influence and encourage investors, incubators and donors to bring gender lens investing to the front and center of their priorities. The multi-stakeholder and global panel will draw on examples and experiences from other developing countries to demonstrate how Investing in Women Impact businesses has consistently been a viable proposition. Finally, this session will seek to get commitments from investors, incubators and donors to collaborate on promoting gender lens investing.