Catalyst at Large provides consultancy, speaking and facilitation at the intersection of philanthropy and impact investing. We are passionate about amplifying the role of women in impact investing and investing with a gender lens.

Suzanne Biegel is Chief Catalyst. Read more about her work below, or follow her on Twitter @zanne2.

Speaking events

Suzanne worked with ClearlySo to launch, and is the founding angel for Clearly Social Angels (CSA), the UK angel network designed to facilitate the flow of capital into extraordinary businesses which help to create positive social change.

                                                                 Women Effect is an initiative under the Wharton Social Impact Initiative (WSII) at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, to provide an information hub for content and experience in the field of investing with a gender lens.

Suzanne serves as Investment Director for SPRING, a pioneering accelerator that supports businesses whose products, services, and business approach aim to transform the lives of adolescent girls.  This is an initiative of the UK Department for International Development, Nike Foundation, and USAID.