Catalyst At Large works with leading research institutions, and public and private institutional investors, to map the latest developments and best thinking in the gender-smart investing space.

 Learn more about three of our recent research partnerships below.

Project Sage 2.0

Published in 2017 in collaboration with Wharton Social Impact Initiative and the University of Pennsylvania, Project Sage was a global scan of 58 private equity, venture capital, and private debt funds that explicitly incorporate a gender lens in their investment strategy. Its goal was to provide a “point in time” capture of the expanding gender lens investing opportunities globally.

In November 2018, the team will publish Project Sage 2.0, which captures the rapid expansion of the gender-smart investing field with significantly more funds featured, a significant increase in assets, and exciting new developments in geography and theme.

The Public Markets Scan from Veris Wealth Partners

The Public Markets Scan documents the gender-smart investment options currently available in the public market. With assistance from Catalyst At Large, Veris Wealth Partners tracked the growth in investment funds with a gender lens mandate over the last 25 years (with a rapid expansion from 2013 onward), the total amount of capital investment, and the offerings and investment criteria of each fund.  

The first report was published in Fall 2017, the 2018 report was published in October 2018. Stay tuned for updated data for 2019!

Field Scanning

Catalyst At Large works with expert researchers to create reports for Development Finance Institutions and other large institutional investors on the state of gender-smart investing in particular regions and within particular asset classes. Recent research partners include ESADE Business School, Enclude Solutions, and Sustainable Finance Advisory.