CDC Group, the DFI Gender Finance Collaborative, and the 2X Challenge 

CDC is the United Kingdom’s development finance institution (DFI), investing public money into great businesses across Africa and South Asia.

Catalyst At Large works with CDC to support their gender-smart investment strategy, connecting them with the experts, information, and innovators they need to make strategic investments that meet their financial objectives while helping to shape a world of greater equality and opportunity for women and girls.

As part of this collaboration, Catalyst At Large and CDC co-created the Gender Finance Collaborative, a group of 15 DFIs working together to advance the standard and impact of gender-smart investing, through collaborative dialogue and a shared commitment to action.

Catalyst At Large also supports the key partners for the 2X Challenge, a commitment from the G7 DFIs and others to collectively mobilize US$3 billion to improve the access of women in developing countries to leadership opportunities, quality employment, finance, enterprise support, and other products and services that enhance economic participation and access.